About Nolan Capital

Founded in 2014, Nolan Capital is the family office of Peter Nolan who manages the firm as its Chairman. We originate, execute and manage investments in private companies, real estate and other investments on behalf of the Nolan family. Mr. Nolan has over 40 years of investment experience, most recently as former Managing Partner and current Senior Advisor of Leonard Green & Partners, a leading private equity firm with over $70 billion of private equity capital raised since inception (www.leonardgreen.com). Over the course of his career, Mr. Nolan has built a vast network of relationships, met with over a thousand companies across numerous industries, and sat on the boards of several public companies while participating in the successes and learning points of how management teams navigate several economic cycles.

How We Are Different From a Private Equity Firm

  • While we have over 40 years of private equity experience, we are not a private equity fund. We are a family office.

  • We invest our own capital, rather than third party capital, limiting the constraints of a traditional private equity fund structure.

  • Private equity funds have become increasingly institutionalized, placing greater emphasis and scrutiny on quarterly performance as well as annualized internal rate of return (IRR) benchmarking requirements for their investors. We benefit from the flexibility of truly taking a longer-term approach to do what’s best for business.

  • Private equity funds often maximize leverage and take dividend recapitalizations to increase the reported IRR. We prioritize creating the optimal capital structure for management teams, with a conservative approach to leverage, maximizing cash flow generation and downside protection.

  • Private equity reporting requirements may burden portfolio companies with increasingly rigorous and expansive disclosure to institutional investors. We work alongside management teams to limit distractions, so they can focus on running the business.

  • Private equity funds are constrained by their defined investment mandates. We have complete flexibility to invest across all industries, all asset classes, and across the capital structure.

  • In short, we are concerned with doing what’s right for the business in the long term.

Our Investing Philosophy

  • We are investors, not operators – we partner with strong management teams and entrust them to manage the day-to-day operations of the business while we provide the strategic and financial support needed for them to flourish under our stewardship.
  • We have a proven track record of partnering with families and founders – while this is not a requirement for our investment focus, we pride ourselves on the trust we have fostered with entrepreneurs who have built something special over a long period of time.
  • We are selective in pursuing well-matched opportunities – we are not concerned with the number of investments we make, but rather the quality of the investments we make.
  • We are very flexible in how we structure investments – we welcome existing owners and management to invest alongside us, and our goal is to conservatively capitalize the company’s balance sheet.
  • We invest with a permanent base of capital from a single family – we are not distracted by raising funds with third party money.
  • We have no predetermined expectation for how long we will own a business – our long-term focus is to build a durable business that grows as a market leader over time.

We believe that this experience sets us apart from most investors.

Investing in Leading Middle Market Companies